Ride of the Brotherhood Inc. introduces it's foundation The RETURN.  As an organization we are dedicated to helping our veterans in need with emphasis on the homeless Veterans. The RETURN is committed to the true homeless Veteran, the MIA (Missing In Action). The Korean War had over 8,000 missing and a large number were buried in battlefield grave-sites in land that is now N. Korea.  WWII had 78,000 plus missing  but it was worldwide and many were from naval and air engagements; if a destroyer or cruiser was sunk, several hundred men were lost. Even though there are organizations researching some of these cases, access is limited.


No such incidents occurred in the Vietnam War.  As of February 3, 2015 the MIA Facts Site reports there are 1,636 Americans “unaccounted for” in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam: 1,272, Laos: 305, Cambodia: 52, China (territorial waters): 7    


Vietnam is a country that is accessible and its government is becoming more reachable.  In some cases information on MIA's is better documented and witness accountability is still available.  Therefore, the RETURN will concentrate on those MIAs.  Our mission is to research individual case files, contact possible survivors with firsthand information, go to Vietnam and with assistance of Vietnamese counterparts interview locals and identify locations. This information will be presented to the appropriate organizations that have the equipment and professionals that will recover the remains and bring them home.   


Funds generated will be 100% dedicated to the recovery and returning home these Americans, the ultimate homeless veteran.


Your donations can help us bring home those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, "the true homeless vet".