Ride of the Brotherhood had 4 initial objectives: Conduct a Welcome Home Celebration concert for the Vietnam Veterans; take Veterans back to Vietnam; the raffle of a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle; and establish a Homeless Veterans Village. With the help of Veteran's organizations in Washington DC the concert took place during the Memorial Day activities in DC; the return of Vets to Vietnam was conducted; and the classic HD motorcycle was given away. However the Homeless Veterans Village hit a brick wall.   


As many of you may know Ride of the Brotherhood was working with St Tammany Parish officials on the creation of a homeless Veterans program for almost a year.  The grant that would have allowed us to open Camp NORA was withdrawn in favor of a homeless program based in New Orleans that is establishing a location in the St Tammany area. Their faith based program will help any homeless individual to include Veterans. Ride of the Brotherhood fully supports any and all programs that will help those in need but disappointed that our program, designed to be 100% dedicated to the Veterans, was now being identified as unnecessary.  This decision only displays why it will take Veterans to help Veterans.  Therefore Ride of the Brotherhood has identified our strengths to best maintain our mission of helping our Veterans in need and reaching our objectives.             

Ride of the Brotherhood has the following three objectives:

  • Maintain the awareness of the needs of our veterans.

    Ride of the Brotherhood has created “Never Forget”, a tribute motorcycle to honor our Veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice. This motorcycle will tour the country and be displayed at Veteran events, motorcycle shows and rallies.

  • Assist organizations that are dedicated to helping homeless veterans.

    Establishing Camp NORA, a homeless veteran village, which will assist our Veterans in need.  Veterans took an oath to serve their country, defend their country and for some, die for their country, but not to be forgotten by their country. There are over 55,000 homeless veterans on any given night in the United States

  • Work with organizations in locating, identifying, and returning home our MIA’s

    Our foundation, The RETURN, is dedicated to the ultimate homeless Veteran, the MIA. Ride of the Brotherhood will conduct the initial investigation needed by the professional recovery teams to justify their actions to recover and return the MIA.  There are still over 1,200 American soldiers missing in Vietnam.


As a sponsor of Ride of the Brotherhood, your interest is the same as ours, exposure.  The more the general public learns about our mission and objectives the more our Veterans will be helped and the more our sponsors will be recognized. 


To make our projects work, we still need assistance through sponsors and donations.  On behalf of the veterans we are hoping to help "Thank You".