Two major issues that affect our veterans on a daily basis are HOMELESSNESS and SUICIDE. Ride of the Brotherhood and Spartan Alliance, both being 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, have created a partnership to bring awareness to the public and offer assistance to those veterans seeking help. These issues affect our veterans nationwide. Therefore, we created a nationwide awareness project, 48-4-4gotten (48 states for our forgotten). The objective is to travel through 48 states on a predetermined route stopping in various cities to nationally promote awareness and possible solutions for our cause.

On any given night there are 50,000+ veterans homeless and there are at least 22 veterans plus 1 active duty member that commit suicide, resulting in over 8,000 deaths in one year. Often it is because the camaraderie and sense of brotherhood that our heroes experienced while in service to their country are missing in civilian life. Unable or unwilling to share feelings and emotions that only other veterans or first responders can truly understand, these veterans find themselves in a crisis mode that often ends in homelessness or suicide because they do not want to burden their families. One veteran homeless on any given night or one veteran committing suicide is one veteran too many.


Ride of the Brotherhood and Spartan Alliance have come together to not only heighten awareness about these problems but to encourage you to be a part of the solution. The event 48-4-4gotten is estimated to travel 15,000 miles throughout the United States facing all the elements and challenges on motorcycles. The organizing team participating in the ride consist of veterans who are facing their own medical and psychological challenges. They will be followed by a support vehicle and a 23-foot box trailer which will promote the logos and names of sponsors. A GPS tracker system will be used so that everyone can monitor the route through our website or a downloaded app which would allow them to join us anywhere along the way and ride with us for any distance they can. We will also post a daily schedule so that all supporters have the opportunity to connect with us at designated stops. This is an all-volunteer endeavor.

In addition to creating awareness, we are generating funds to be used to help eradicate these issues. Ride of the Brotherhood offers two projects, The RETURN and Camp NORA. The RETURN assists with the research and recovery of our MIAs (Missing In Action – the ultimate homeless veteran), specifically in Vietnam. Camp NORA is a veterans’ transition shelter that offers a safe, drug- and alcohol-free supportive facility located in Covington, LA and hoping to expand to other needed areas. Spartan Alliance, an initiative of Independence Corps’ Foundation offers support events where veterans participate in a series of activities that encourage and promote the establishment of Battle Buddy relationships. These weekends bring together injured veterans and their caregivers for activities such as group art therapy, cycling, and a Gala night. Independence Corps’ Foundation helps restore injured American Veterans their independence, freedom, and dignity that comes with greater mobility by providing Track Chairs, the Levo, in addition to the iBOT® and the Luke Arm.

The cost of the project will be assisted through corporate sponsorships, in-kind contributions, and personal donations and/or pledges. We would like to extend the opportunity for you

and/or your business to become one of our sponsors. We offer various packages that include but not limited to your logo on our t-shirts honoring the ride, social media blast from us reaching over thousands of followers, your logo and website link on our website, mentions in all media junkets and coverage of the event, and your logo on our trailer that will be traveling the 48 states promoting our cause. Funds will also be raised by asking for pledges of a penny (1 cent) or more per mile from those who want to help us promote the seriousness of our programs.

Below you will find our brochure, an initial list of scheduled cities, a map of the tentative cities, and our sponsorship opportunities along with pledge options.

For more information contact Ed Lewis with Ride of the Brotherhood, (504) 234-0778, rotb2015@yahoo.com or Theresa Botts with Spartan Alliance, (423) 215-2813, theresa.botts@spartanweekend.org.

Map and schedule of tentative cities can be found below

“We are giving you an opportunity
through your stewardship to see your
resources make a difference,
specifically in the lives of many of our
heroes who deserve so much more.”

–Ed “Cowboy”Lewis